laser cut

the most diffused and popular industrial and productive application

laser technique

Tecnically the laser is a light ray, in physics a beam of photons, in which all the lights waves have the same wave lenght (frequency) and direction.

To this is added the capacity of the laser to concentrate a big quantity of energy over a small surface thanks to the high frequency of its waves, in fact we speaking of surfaces with a diameter of around a thousandth of a millimeter. In this way we obtain, locally, very high temperatures.

This high temperature increase in a small area causes a rapid fusion or even the immediate vaporization of the portion of material hit by the laser beam creating a hole of its diameter.

The laser cut technology fits well to different types of materials. 

laser technology

Our installations allow us to operate and cut on surfaces of area up to 1500x3000 mm and up to 25 mm of thickness for iron, 20 mm for steel, 10 mm for aluminum, 8 mm for copper, 6 mm for bronze and 6 mm for brass.

mlla: state-of-the-art installations

Laser cutting is absolutely one of the most developed systems of the last times, since it seems to primise the possibility ofapplications always wider and interesting.

The benefits of the laser cut are basically:

  • Possibily to obtain cut edges think and perfectly parallels
  • Capability of keeping highly reduced the zone interested by the thermal stress and fusion
  • Possibility to operate with automatic machineries also on complex profiles, performing cuts on low curvature lines.
  • There aren’t mechanical distorsions of the piece as the laser beam has a cut capacity indipendent from the hardness of the material.

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