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The assemblies we perform are realized through  MAG(450A), MIG(450A), TIG(350A) welding and projection pointing with up to 150 KW of power.

The welding are realized by qualified personnel and if requested by the customer we can provide the documents attesting the owning of the welding machines.

The machines employed are equipped with electronics which can detect anomalies in the assembly process and constantly control the welding parameters


  • TIG welding

    The TIG welding process (tungsten inert gas) uses a non melteable electrode made of tungsten. The welding metal is input in the form of stick in the welding area. This area is protected by an inert gas (helium or argon) which avoids the oxidation during the process. The range of use of this kind of welding includes many materials and thicknesses, even if the specific field would be the one of aluminum alloys and stainless steels. Thanks to this methodology the final result reaches very high levels both from the quality and the aesthetic side.

  • MIG and MAG welding

    The MIG and MAG processes are very similar to the TIG one. The main difference stays in the electrode, which in the TIG is made out of non melteable tungsten, while in the MIG/MAG it’s a metallic stick. The MIG and MAG processes differentiate for the protective gas employed: Metal Inert Gas, Metal Active Gas.

assembly - welding - pointing

The mechanized weldings are realized using an ABB robot, model IRC5 1600-104080, equipped with a Fronius welding machine, model Trans Plus Synergic 5000.

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